17.09.2023 | ALL THAT BREATHES (UK/IN/US 2022, Shaunak Sen)

Retrospective | ANIMAL REALITIES


UK/IN/US 2022, D: Shaunak Sen, Doc, 97’, original with English subtitles, DCP

“Life itself is kinship. We’re all a community of air.” In a temporary bird care centre in New Delhi, two Muslim brothers and their cousin are devotedly caring for a majestic bird: the black kite. The black kite is a vehicle to narrate political dimensions that have an impact on the daily lives of Muslim inhabitants. While birds are getting sick and fall from the sky due to severe air pollution, another threat from the right-wing government and its Citizenship Amendment Act is in the wind. We look into the beautiful faces of the kites, follow their trajectories and screech on the ground with rats, insects and frogs. When the “kite brothers” brought their first injured black kite to a veterinary clinic, it was rejected as a “non-vegetarian” bird, because carnivorous birds are considered Muslim and regarded as ritually impure in Hinduism.

UT Connewitz
17:00 Uhr€ 6,5 (5,5 reduced)