paradoks – at the edges of documentary (23 Oct – 14 Nov)

GEGENkino & FILZ present the video art exhibition
paradoks – at the edges of documentary.

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Saturday 23 October
18.00 – HGB Gallery & GfZK
20.30 – Werkschauhalle 12 (Spinnerei)
Performance CONJURING by Ben Russell

Running time:
23 October – 14 November

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 14.00 – 20.00
Sat – Sun: 10.00- 16.00

Tue – Fri: 14.00 – 19.00
Sat – Sun: 12.00 – 18.00

Mon – Fri: 14.00 – 20.00
Sat – Sun: 12.00 – 20.00

paradoks operates at the intersection of art and the moving image and is dedicated to documentary formats beyond the confines of conventional cinema. Today’s range of documentarisms is becoming a field no longer explored by filmmakers alone. Journalistic research and re-enactments, an incorporation of scientific findings or analyses of found material are essential aesthetic strategies employed in the visual arts and beyond. Increasingly, interdisciplinary projects which operate at the intersections of activism, science and art are looking to find new forms of visualising the state of the world, as they take a peek behind the curtain of of public news reporting and the torrent of images we are exposed to in social media. paradoks is a platform for precisely such multifaceted perspectives, whereby they are depicted but also questioned in terms of their socio-political preconditions. The exhibition will be divided into two thematic fields
From a historical perspective, the works of EMPOWERMENT address colonial structures and their consequences for the present-day. These include racism, the formation of diaspora and poverty in marginalised communities. Here, camera angles, the hierarchy of frames and the question of who is talking about whom play just as much a role as the interplay between social realities and their representation.
PSYCHEDELIC ANTHROPOLOGY, operates along the boundaries of visual anthropology and explores altered states of consciousness and bodily sensations, deliberately induced through cultural techniques such as research, dance, music and hiking – all of which are methodological ways of re-exploring the human condition. In these works, the lines separating documentation and fiction become blurred in a sensual, immersive way.

Muchas gracias!

The crew of GEGENkino would like to thank everyone for making this festival possible and all of you for coming and supporting film and culture in these difficult times. It has been fun after a year of stop due to the pandemic to come back. Thank you and see you next year!

Photo: Ingmar Stange
Photo: Ingmar Stange

Day X | Der König und der Vogel (FR 1979) + Ladoni (SU/Moldauische SSR) + Ralfs Farben (AT/DE 2019) / Imperial Valley (AT/DE 2018) + Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream (FR 2019)

Sun 05 Sept
UT Connewitz
2 pmGEGENkinderkino
FR 1979 • D: Paul Grimault • 81′ • german version • 35mm • age 6+
SU/Moldauische SSR 1993 • D: Artur Aristakisyan • Doc • 140′ • Orig. with ger. subs • 35mm
With an introduction by Elina Reitere
Luru Kino
AT/DE 2018 • D: Lukas Marxt • Doc • 14′ • without dialogue • DCP
AT/DE 2019 • D: Lukas Marxt • Doc • 74′ • Orig. with Eng. subs • DCP
In the presence of Lukas Marxt and cameraman Michael Petri
FR 2019 • D: Frank Beauvais • 75′ • Orig. with Eng. subs • DCP

The last day again offers a big variety of impressions. We start at 2 p.m. in the UT Connewitz with this year’s contribution to GEGENkinderkino: The King and the Bird. At 7 p.m. the UT we will screen Ladoni. Both films flicker on wonderful analog 35mm copies.

At the same time we are showing the double feature Imperial Valley / Ralf’s Colors in the Luru Kino in der Spinnerei. Michael Petri, the cutter from Ralf’s Colors, will accompany the event as our guest. At 9 p.m. Just don’t think I’ll Scream puts an effective end to this years GEGENkino Festival.

Sun 05 SeptLuru Kino
UT Connewitz
2 pm
7 pm

Luru Kino

regular: 2€
regular: 6,5€ / reduced 5,5€

regular: 6,5€ / reduced 5,5€
double feature: 11€ / reduced 9€

Day 10 | Lucrecia Dalt scores Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (DE 1920, Carl Boese)

Sat 04 Sept
UT Connewitz
Lucrecia Dalt scores THE GOLEM
DE 1920 • R: Carl Boese, D: Paul Wegener, Albert Stenrück, Lyda Salmonova, Ernst Deutsch • 76′ • viragiert • DCP 4K

Today at 7 pm at the UT Connewitz is this years score by Lucrecia Dalt of Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam.

There are still some TICKETS (€ 12) available via TixforGigs and in the evening after 8 pm at the box office

Live scoring THE GOLEM by Paul Wegener and Carl Boese from 1920, the expressionist classic of Weimar cinema, appears fairly hidden. The story of Rabbi Löw who creates the clay figure Golem to avert the imminent expulsion of inhabitants of the Jewish ghetto of Prague in the 16th century. Out of a linkage of unfortunate circumstances, the figure subsequently opposes its creator. The film’s buildings, designed by Hans Poelzig, were leading the way for further set designs to come – until today, THE GOLEM is considered as a prototype for the horror genre. Everywhere, there are thronging phantasmagorias, nightmares of a world whose human faces have become grimaces, whose streets have got steep mountain paths, whose dwellings are warped and in danger of collapsing. 

Similar to the magic the clay is being vitalised with turning it into a golem, Colombian sound artist and former geotechnical engineer Lucrecia Dalt will energise new abysses inside the images with her deep bass frequencies. Dalt is an internationally booked and acclaimed musician and performer. She moves freely between academic or museum settings and club contexts. In her subtle soundscapes, she subverts overly rigid ideas of form, experiments with South American rhythms, looped drone sounds and unique spoken word passages. She has transferred a geological framework to her musical approach: she compares her songwriting to ground and rock layers, which have deposited on earth’s surface as one large mass and yet are composited of single elements with individual characteristics. What emerges tonally is an unprecedented, surrealistically accumulated terrain.

4 SeptemberUT Connewitz
€ 12 [Tickets available via: TixforGigs]

Day 9 | The Midnight After (HK 2014, Fruit Chan) + The Mission (HK 1999, Johnnie To)

Fri 03 Sept
Luru Kino
HK 2014 • D: Fruit Chan • 124′ • Orig. with Eng. subs • DCP
With an introduction by Clemens von Haselberg
HK 1999 • D: Johnnie To, C: Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Jackie Lui Chung-Yin • 81′ • Orig. with Eng. subs • 35mm

We continue with the second part of our special program: MADE IN HONG KONG. We start at 7 pm with a lecture about the growing identity in Hong Kong Cinema by Dr. Clemens von Haselberg. After this we will screen The Midnight after by Fruit Chan in the cinema auditorium of the Luru Kino – a movie about the end of the Hongkong era as an dystopian genre mix. At 10 pm we will project The Mission by Johnnie To as analogue 35mm copy. The Day Before our topic was the resistance in cinema before the handover. Today it’s about disintegration and perseverance.

Thu 02 SeptLuru Kino
With an introduction by Clemens von Haselberg

regular: 6,5€ / reduced 5,5€
double feature: 11€ / reduced 9€