Parafiction | Short films of Salomé Lamas


PT 2013, A: Cavaleiros do Mar, João Fernandes, 30′, OV with Englisch subtitles, DCP


PT 2015, Doc, 8′, OV with Englisch subtitles, DCP


PT 2017, Doc, 30′, OV with Englisch subtitles, DCP


PT 2017, A: Miguel Borges, Clara Jost, João Pedro Benard, 25′, OV with Englisch subtitles, DCP

Juxtaposed, the assembled films exhibit central themes and narratives that are particularly present in Lamas’ work, such as the relation of a story to its visual representation or the impact of fiction in every kind of storytelling – most notably in allegedly documental narratives. Lamas’ objective is not so much a “true“ depiction of the real, but rather she focuses on ambiguities, on elements of social realism being side by side with dreamlike, surreal telling.

A TORRE for example consists of material that came about during the filming of EXTINCTION (see 20 April, 8pm). In contrast to EXTINCTION, protagonist Kolya does not enter the delicate realm of nationalistic conflicts here, but instead only the region where nature and human body, sky and earth meet. Kolyas body blends with a treetop. Lamas offers different variants on how this border transgression can be read. In TEATRUM ORBIS TERRARUM, the point of reference is the first atlas from the year 1570, consisting of 70 single cards. The idea of a pictorial depiction of space is the starting point of her unique adventure tale, where she expands the arbitrariness and fictivity of a map to museums and archives, that is to the other representing forms of “theatre“. UBI SUNT addresses the social and geographic outskirts of Porto with eclectic images and stories. Interviews of inmates of a juvenile prison alternate with dance performances.

[Parafiction | Salomé Lamas]

16 April, 7 pm – UT Connewitz – € 6,5 (5,5 red.)