Moebius (KR 2013, Kim Ki-duk)

Yes yes, we know it’s quite a lot to ask of you to go to the movies ten days in a row. But hey, it might be your only chance to see Kim Ki-Duk’s most recent flick “Moebius” (in Germany for whatever reason also known as “Moebius, die Lust, das Messer”) on the big screen, because almost no cinema wanted to show it. So it’s on us to bring it to you:


(KR 2013, D: Kim Ki-duk, A: Cho Jae-hyun, Seo Young-ju, Lee Eun-woo, 90’, no dialogue, BluRay)

Kim Ki-duk’s films have always been controversial. His latest – “Moebius” – was being shown in Venice last year, whereas according to regulations in South Korea, it is allowed to be screened in “special” cinemas only – cinemas that indeed do not exist. Without a doubt, the film is a dark challenge reminiscent of ancient tragedies: a father destroys his family – beset with feelings of guilt because of his son’s castration, he terminates an affair and makes a major sacrifice for him. Masterfully staged as pure showing without dialogue, a montage with rough sound editing, the images unfold to a painful, Freudian grotesque all about passion, guilt and violence.

10 April, 9pm – LuRu-Cinema at the Spinnerei – € 6/5 (red.)