Mika Vainio has died – The Wire

Mika Vainio has died – The Wire

We were shocked when we heard from Mika Taanila yesterday that his long time collaborator, electronic music producer Mika Vainio (aka Ø), has passed away yesterday. The screening of Taanila’s work MANNERLAATTA (TECTONIC PLATE), for which Vainio did the soundtrack, will now also be an hommage to the pioneering works of Vainio. Likewise, the two screenings on Sunday will be dedicated to him: for one, the short film reel THE FUTURE IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE, which includes the film A PHYSICAL RING, also scored by Vainio, and the screening of RETURN OF THE ATOM, featuring music by Vainio’s collaborative project Pan Sonic. Our condolences go out to all friends and relatives.

See you tonight at Luru Kino.

Fri, 14 April 2017
8pm, Luru-Kino at the Spinnerei
Short film reel I: FUTURO 

Futuro – A New Stance for Tomorrow (FIN 1998, 28’, OV/English subtitles, 35mm), RoboCup99 (FIN 2000, 25’, OV/English subtitles , 35mm), Six Day Run (FIN 2013, 15’, OV/English subtitles, DCP), Optical Sound (FIN 2005, 6’, no dialogue, 35mm), Delay of Game (FIN 2017, 6’, no dialogue, 3D, file)

10pm, Luru-Kino at the Spinnerei
MANNERLAATTA (Tectonic Plate)
 (FIN 2016, 74’, OV/English subtitles, DCP) The Sad Song of Hard-Edged Transition Wipe Markers (FIN 2017, 4’, no dialogue, file)

Director Mika Taanila will be present for all the screenings.