Heute | Jaap Blonk ist Dr VOXOID / Deutschland Dada

Jaap Blonk just arrived in Leipzig in order to grace us with his fine poetry. Here’s a few examples to get a slight taste of what Jaap is gonna do later tonight:

Jaap Blonk’s “Der Minister I” (1993)

Jaap Blonk on 3sat (2003)

Jaap Blonk Live (2013)

And here’s a list of what we might expect tonight in concreto:

What will be the Dr Voxoid’s next move? Those who know him might expect a knight’s jump…but then they know he won’t do the expected. How about a king’s stately step this time? Or the bishop’s stealthy sneak-through?

Next time it might be:

  • sound poetry (his own works and probably an occasional ‘classic’ from this tradition)
  • songs in invented languages, for instance in “Onderlands” (the language of the Underlands, a synonym for Netherlands), in “GeenKrimpian” or in his personal English, “IngleTwist”
  • phonetic processes, acoustic as well as electronic snippets of lecturing about odd topics, for instance “The User Manual”
  • some Solos for Voice by John Cage
  • soundscapes
  • quotations from Final Letters
  • improvisations and more…
  • in the right mood & circumstances, he may even project some visuals.

DadaBILD & DadaSPRECH: Jaap Blonk is Dr Voxoid & “Deutschland Dada” (GER 1969, D: Helmut Herbst, 61’, German version, 35mm)

12 April, 9pm – Luru-Kino in der Spinnerei – € 8/6 (red.)