Ricaletto strikes again!

Here’s Ricaletto’s designs for this year’s GEGENkino poster as well as for our flyers – in new and shiny colours!

Keep your eyes open while walking through the city and see the life-size versions of them!



Update | Posters!

Dear people, thank whoever (maybe not him) that our glue is persistent.. *hehe*

And thank us that we did not mix broken neon tubes in our glue (good old anti-Nazi strategy to keep posters hanging).. *hehe* ..anyway, the fact is: you won’t get the posters of the walls – what you can do instead: buy some of the still available, lovely screen prints! (Handsigned by Ricaletto.) They will be available at our screenings on Friday and Saturday at Luru-Kino, and Sunday at UT Connewitz.

Dada Evening

Poster design is very simple. All you need is some nice colors and shapes and typefonts. So. Here is our poster for our DADA evening. You can even print it at home. Super easy! Do it! Spread it!

[Thanks to Luru-Kino for the poster and to Deutsche Kinemathek for the 35mm copy of Deutschland-DADA.]