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Big thanks to all the people that came to our festival the last two days! Thanks to Luru Kino in der Spinnerei and UT Connewitz and to •• Videokills •• for their great choice of films and musicians!

GEGENkino continues tonite at Institut fuer Zukunft.

We will start at 10:30pm with some 16mm screenings of short films by Maria Lassnig, Valie Export and Mara Mattuschka, and a talk with filmmaker Julia Ostertag who will show her film »Sexjunkie«. So, be early! The music and performances will start afterwards. Check the timetable!

There’s also going to be some more films looping at various places all over the IfZ. Be surprised!

11:15pm—12am: SEXUS 3 Performance by Quimera Rosa
12am—1am: Bonnie Li
1am—2am: WE WILL FAIL
2am—4am: Kaltès
4am—END: nyt

3am—6am: AOna
6am—9am: supaKC
9am—END: n.akin