Eröffnungsfilm | Tangerine by Sean Baker

Hey there, all you lovely GEGENkino friends,
it’s about time to lift the veil, finally, and reveal the programme of this year’s GEGENkino festival. So, let’s start with the opening film:
For the 3rd edition of GEGENkino we are happy to be able to screen the L.A. Sunset Strip trip movie Tangerine by Sean Baker as the opener for the festival. A Christmas film in the sun, completely shot on an iPhone and with hyper-fast dialogues like coming from amphetaminized brains and tongues.
Don’t miss it, and stay tuned for more announcements!
Looking forward to see you all (again).
Oh, and merry Easter, merry Pessach and a merry GEGENkino!


US 2015, D: Sean Baker, A: Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Mya Taylor, Karren Karagulian, 88’, OV with German subtitles, DCP

“Out here, it’s all about our hustle. And THAT’S IT”, Alexandra tells her best friend Sin-Dee Rella. Both are struggling along as transsexual sex workers and are deeply connected to their neighbourhood in Los Angeles—the area around the intersection of Santa Monica and Highland, notorious for its drug scene and prostitution milieu. Sin-Dee is just back from prison and at a meeting in the donut shop she’s being told by Alexandra that her pimp and lover Chester cheated on her during her absence—with a white cis woman. Henceforth, “No drama!” becomes the motto of the both. But: humming dub step basslines and Sin-Dee’s furious vendetta tell another story. Filmed entirely on an iPhone the luscious, Californian sun-drenched pictures evolve into a composition of a realist subculture study and uninhibited post-modification. There’s a lot of solitude on the streets of L.A.. Tangerine puts up resistance though, and with an enchanting attitude tells of everyday hopes and dreams, of allies and solidarity.

21 April, 9pm – Luru-Kino at the Spinnerei