Lecture + Film | Faschismus und Sexualität in Film und Popkultur / Film: Salon Kitty (IT 1976, Tinto Brass)

It’s the last day of GEGENkino. Thanks already to everyone that came to our festival or supported us in whatever way.

Here’s a short reminder what will happen on GEGENkino’s finale. (For the sake of continuity this reminder will also be in English, even though our non-German speaking friends might be a bit disadvantaged tonight.)

Marcus Stiglegger (professor at the university of Siegen, an expert in exploitative movies and author of books like “Sadiconazista” or “Nazi Chic & Nazi Trash”) will give a lecture on the topic “Fascism and sexuality in film and popular culture”.

Faschismus und Sexualität in Film und Popkultur. Vortrag von Marcus Stiglegger + Salon Kitty (IT 1976, Tinto Brass)

GEGENkino is drawing near. We can’t even fall asleep anymore out of excitement (and last-minute organizational stuff). If you are also insomniac why not spend your nights with reading knowledgeable, lengthy essays on obscure film makers and genres? You can find them over there on Marcus Stiglegger’s blog. He will come to GEGENkino on the […]

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Following the lecture there will be a screening of Tinto Brass’ exploitation classic “Salon Kitty” (IT 1976, R: Tinto Brass, D: Helmut Berger, Ingrid Thulin, Teresa Ann Savoy, 102’) – with German dubs though, but from 35mm!

13 April, 8pm – UT Connewitz – € 8/6 (red.) Euro