Update | Doron Dadja – COLOR FIELD IMMERSION #2

Since we all want you to get a sufficient dose of light and sound tomorrow, DORON SADJA will offer a second run of his COLOR FIELD IMMERSION performance at 10:30pm
The first run is already booked out, so all your further reservations will have to be for the second one.

13 April, 9pm & 10:30pm – UT Connewitz

Hope you’ll all have a good trip! 

Your GEGENkino crew


Wooh, Luru was packed yesterday! Thanks a lot for coming in such quantity!


Seems like today won’t be much different. So, those of you who want to come and see Julian Radlmaier’s SELBSTKRITIK EINES BÜRGERLICHEN HUNDES today, please make a reservation by writing a mail to info[at]luru-kino.de. Those of you who have a festival ticket should be at Luru-Kino 20min before the beginning of the film (i.e. 7:40pm), so you’ll be guaranteed to get a seat. (If you can’t make it early enough, please make a reservation as well to be safe.)

Selbstkritik eines bürgerlichen Hundes

GER 2017, D: Julian Radlmaier, A: Julian Radlmaier, Deragh Campbell, Kyung-Taek Lie, Beniamin Forti, 99’, OV/English subtitles, DCP

Selbstkritik eines bürgerlichen Hundes (D, 2017, Julian Radlmaier)

Isn’t it oh so hard to make a true communist movie?! Sure, it is. Julian Radlmaier (”Ein proletarisches Wintermärchen”) knows about these things and will show us—in an honest and self-questioning way—his struggles with trying and trying and trying to be a political filmmaker in his newest film with the beautiful and telling title “Self-Criticism […]

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12 April, 8pm – Luru Kino at the Spinnerei

Director Julian Radlmaier and producer Kirill Krasovski will be present. 

And, as you know, afterwards we will have the double screening of TARA and FLUIDØ, which will start a little later though—at 10:15pm. Try to be there early or make reservations, too, nonethless. Read more about the two films here

Unfortunately, the MOTEL Regiekollektiv had to cancel their visit and won’t come to the screening of TARA tonight. Let’s hope for a good screening anyway. See you later on in the dark!

Interview | Wang Bing – Film Comment

Interview: Wang Bing – Film Comment

Thanks a ton, all of you, for coming to our exhibition, discussion and screenings on the weekend at Schaubühne Lindenfels. We feel really honoured to have such a wonderful audience… seriously! So, tonight we’ll hopefully see each other again at UT Connewitz for Wang bing’s recent film TA’ANG.


HK/F 2016, Doc, D: Wang Bing, OV/English subtitles, 142’

Here’s a small interview with Wang Bing to get yourselves an idea of his way of working.

“[T]he documentary form is the most viable way for me to make movies in China. By following people’s everyday life, I don’t have to look for actors and direct them, I don’t have to ask a lot of people to work together for me, and I don’t have to ask permission to anybody. The ways in which the Chinese film industry limits filmmakers become invalid for me, if I shoot inexpensive movies about the real life of the people with a small crew. That’s why I keep on making documentaries: I like genuine stories, and I like to feel free.” (Wang Bing)

10 April, 8pm – UT Connewitz

TA’ANG (HK/F 2016, Wang Bing)

As you might have figured already, we have a strong focus on the documentary format and its cinematic potentials at this year’s GEGENkino. Hence, on April 10 at UT Connewitz we take the opportunity to show the film “Ta’ang”—a new documentary by the often-heard-of, but probably only seldomly received Chinese director Wang Bing. With “only” 2 hours […]

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Today | „True Politics“ video art exhibition + Forum

GEGENkino presents: „True Politics“ video art exhibition + forum

Thank you all for coming to our opening and the screening yesterday! It was really quite wonderful to see so many of you.

Thanks to Stephanie Comilang for presenting her work personally and being such a lovely guest. The film programme was sold out as well, so it was a full evening with a lot of people. Also thanks to Stephanie Cumming and Daniel Hoesl for being our guests and being really nice people.

The exhibition is open today and tomorrow from 6 to 11pm—come ‘round or come ‘round again, it’s a nice place to hang out and watch videos. So take your time… and on top of that, today there’ll also be our disccussion forum about documentary aesthetics, image politics, representation, truth and so on and so on at 7:30pm.

At 9pm we will show Omer Fast’s recent work CONTINUITY. We don’t know how many of you are planning to come, but if it’s as many as yesterday, you better be there early, if you want to get a good seat.

See you tonight,

your GEGENkino crew

Heute | Mimosas (MA/ES/FR/QA 2016, Oliver Laxe)

Here it is, real quick, before it really starts! The trailer for MIMOSAS. See you all very soon! PSYCHED!

Thu, 06 April 2017 – 9pm, UT Connewitz


MA/ ES/ FR/ QA 2016, D: Oliver Laxe, A: Ahmed Hammoud, Shakib Ben Omar, Said Aagli, 93’, OV/English subtitles, DCP

Mimosas (MA/ES/FR/QA 2016, R: Oliver Laxe)

Since the GEGENkino booklets are already out there, let’s not keep it a secret any longer. Here’s our opening film for GEGENkino 2017: Oliver Laxe’s MIMOSAS, which had it’s premiere at last year’s Semaine de la Critique in Cannes. A road movie, spiritual journey, moral tale and religious allegory at the same time with an […]

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